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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Little Town Flirt

My old truck had a bit of a turn the other day.
I was not far from home when it started to splutter & sneeze. A bit of cajoling got it to my gate and it coasted in, then refused to move. I know how it felt, I was a bit knackered myself and the weekend had finally come around.
I tried prodding it, and bleeding it, which is a secret truck driver ritual thingie not involving leeches, but to no avail.
Bright and early on Monday morning the mechanic arrived, who it transpired had worked for the firm some years ago and knew the truck well. He talked to it as he worked, quickly discovering the injector pump was falling off, and also spotted a missing hose.
"There you go, sweetheart", he said as he finished working on it, and it burst into life.
It has now developed a new lease of life, and can really kick it's heels up.
I thundered past a startled Kenworth on the Mahoenui Hill yesterday. Amazing what a few kind words can do...

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