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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Wireless

I can remember a time, children, when there was no TV...
I remember the day in the 50's when a brand new Pye radio suddenly appeared in our house.
Everybody spent hours twiddling the dials and listening in wonder to far off voices.
The ether was full of whistles and Morse Code, cricket commentaries and jazz bands.There seemed to be something deliciously subversive about listening to Radio Moscow.
Over on the amateur band, Don in Invercargill would discuss his gippy leg with Bruce in Baton Rouge.
One day twiddling, I suddenly heard an operator on a NZ bound ship, passing on a radio telephone call of which I could only hear one side, a woman tearfully telling someone that her hubby "wasn't too good". Days later I read in the paper of a passenger dying at sea near Tahiti. I was blown away by the dramatic immediacy of it all.
Now we have live pictures from Mars & shuttle launches are Ho Hum. People read this in Croatia and Venezuela, and I can watch history happen every day on my PC screen. It's all a bloody marvel really.
I wonder when they will cure the common cold?
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