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Monday, September 12, 2005

Roadworker near Dunhuang, China.

It's getting quite hot in the middle of the day now. We have had three weeks of no rain, the rivers are low and the whitebaiters grumpy.
On the highway though it is all sweetness and light, the road has dried out, and we are on top of the potholes.
We are aware of preparations for a burst of activity on the horizon as the construction season starts, but for now, we are cruising through our routine work, and with the luxury of time, fixing all manner of small problems which if unchecked could grow into major ones in a month or two.
There have been a few small slips, just a wheelbarrow full of material here and there, a phenomenon known (delightfully) as "fretting", and a warning that heavy rain could have us in trouble, as the ground has dried out and cracks have appeared.
But all looks fairly settled on the weather front, the sea is flat, and rumour has it the fishing is good.

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