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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"Hold The Front Page"!

My first attempt at a career was as a very junior reporter on Wellington Newspaper.
I fluked a start by being cheeky and crashing the Editor's office.
I fancied being "Scoop, Ace Reporter on the Crime Beat".
I was going to track down villains and uncover rampant political corruption.
My first, and many most subsequent published masterpieces would go something like this.

"At a recent annual meeting of the Belmont Branch
of The Women's Division of Federated Farmers,
the following officers were elected;
President Mrs Elsie Power-Creamcake
Treasurer Mrs Gwen Pocketbook
Secretary Mrs Doris Fartsalot."

Not like Edna Buchanan

"Buchanan was a relentless collector of detail ( Ask one more question, knock on one more door, make one last phone call, and then another .. ), and a relentless questioner of those in authority. One officer said he'd sooner be interrogated by Internal Affairs than by Edna. The result was an extraordinary portfolio, ranging from the rape victim who, running in distress down the street, came across another rape victim running in the other direction; the 72-year-old man who ran away from home because his 103-year-old mother wouldn't buy him a car; the mother who framed her own two-year-old for the murder of his playmate; and Jacinto Roas, who murdered a man only to find that an iron security door had slammed shut and trapped him with the corpse.

The Great Reporters
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