Rest Area 300m: Holiday Traffic

Monday, October 24, 2005

Holiday Traffic

It's a long weekend in New Zealand, and so far it has been quiet on our stretch of highway.
Lots of traffic, but no call outs. (so far...)
Not that I would mind, I want to try out my fancy new lights.

There have been close calls....

Police have labelled Pat Ratu a hero for jack-knifing his truck on the road south of Piopio in King Country on Wednesday night to stop a 44-year-old Waiuku woman who had driven drunk for hundreds of kilometres...
The truck driver said he thought the woman was going to drive off the road or into the path of a northbound vehicle. "I don't know how she missed any other cars. She cut into the wrong lane at almost every corner, and just as she pulled back to her lane a car or a truck would come past. It was a miracle."

Tomorrow we will check the road for the inevitable damage to signs, and haul away a heap of rubbish.

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