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Thursday, October 13, 2005

 In our trade, rain creates work. Lots of rain means lots of work.
A few days of rain after a dry spell are no problem, and often welcome, but continuous rain creates problems.
We get slips, some are big of the road blocking variety, most are small.
The smaller ones still block drains and stop the water getting away. Left to long, the water can seep under the seal and destroy the surface.
Potholes breed with gay abandon when the road is saturated.
Banks give way, culverts and drains block and overflow.
While you are dealing with these problems, some of the more routine jobs get missed. Today I cleared a truckload of rubbish from the rest areas.
It was wet, stinking, and heavy.
I also said my goodbyes to my old truck. I have an older clunker for a few days till the new one arrives next week.
I was getting a bit exasperated with the delay till I heard it was due to air conditioning and other mysterious goodies being fitted.
Now I am a model of patience.

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