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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Today I got a glimpse of my virgin bride.
Though I have seen her before only once, I'd know that tray anywhere.
She was off to New Plymouth for make-up and titivating.
A flurry of R/T calls alerted us to her progress down the highway.
The delivery driver must have wondered why he was being watched so closely.

" In Pagan times the start of summer was when the festival of Beltane was celebrated with outdoor orgies. This was therefore thought to be an unsuitable time to start married life. ... The Summer as a whole was considered a good time to marry and this is partly to do with the sun's association with fertility. "

The Alarm clock better watch it too..

"Seeing an open grave, a pig, a lizard, or hearing a cockerel crow after dawn are all thought to be omens of bad luck. Monks and nuns are also a bad omen. This may be because the are associated with poverty and chastity. They are also though to signal a dependence on charity by the newlyweds."

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