Rest Area 300m: Don't Bogart That Toad, My Friend.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Don't Bogart That Toad, My Friend.

CHILDREN as young as 12 are licking cane toads in an attempt to get high, the Northern Territory News has learned.
Some children and teenagers in Katherine and Arnhem Land are even drying out the skins of cane toads and rolling them up as joints to get a hit.

But Territory health authorities have warned that those who lick or smoke cane toads are dicing with death and stress that there are no hallucinogenic effects possible from bufo toxin, the toxin excreted by the introduced pest.

Maranboy police also report they had to take a road worker into custody last month after he licked a cane toad while intoxicated.

It is understood the man's eyes rolled in the back of his head and he became extremely aggressive, and began shaking uncontrollably after licking the bufo toxin.

Officer-in-charge of Maranboy police, Brevet Sergeant Angelo Denale, said it was unclear whether the man's aggression was caused by alcohol or bufo toxin but warned against experimenting with the dangerous substance.

"Whether or not he became aggressive from licking cane toads, smoking cannabis or alcohol, it is a recipe for disaster," he said.


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