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Friday, October 07, 2005

Capes & Habits

It appears that not only are things not well in Gotham City, there is disturbing evidence of
rampant drug abuse amongst our superheroes.

Not only has Superman been on the booze,
Catwoman has been committed to an Asylum.

"Catwoman's counselor, Dr. Harleen Quinzel, explained that the first indication she had of her patient's psychosis was the costume she had on when she arrived at Arkham Asylum. "It's tragic, really," stated Dr. Quinzel in a taped interview. "When they dragged her into my office, she was wearing the worst vigilante costume in history. It was obvious she was aiming for cheesecake, but had only managed cheesiness."

Wonderwoman has been battling an eating disorder and dabbling with steroids

and the Caped Crusader has obviously been overdoing some rather heavy mind and body altering substances.

Substance abuse seems to be a genetic failing in the world of the superhero. This photo of Batman's grandfather being evicted from a monastery wine cellar, was kindly forwarded to me by Lorenzo

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