Rest Area 300m: Yellow Peril

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Yellow Peril

For some time there has been concern that the orange fluro jacket we wear, tends to blend in with the visual background clutter of cones, signs, etc on the work sites.
This is especially true when there are a lot of orange cones around.
Sometimes it seems that a tired pair of motorists eyes cannot easily pick the difference between a person and a traffic cone.
One of my workmates above is wearing his yellow wet weather jacket and stands out against the background. The one beyond him just has a fluro jacket. He is easy to see silhouetted against the lighter background, but when he steps back by the loader he disappears. (click piccy for bigger version)
Easy! Just give us yellow jackets.
No, It seems only the Police & emergency services can use them.
The lollypop bearer is not deemed worthy.

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