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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


"Truckers use CB for a variety of reasons. The have an almost obsessive interest in the location of police cruisers and road conditions, but much of the chatter concerns day-to-day working activities. Drivers talk about their equipment, the loads they are hauling, and complain about their bosses and fellow drivers. At times the radio is a diversion to stay awake on a long haul."

I have a CB in the truck. I don't really find the chatter very stimulating.
There is little in the way of philosophy, political science, or even juicy gossip & scandal.
NZ Truckers usually just greet each other with news of what is ahead of them, "Roadworks at so & so, a cop on the straights, etc."
If they are travelling together then some chatter on about, .... Trucks.
A lot of them travel the same route at the same times, so there is quite a little community thing going on.

So generally I just "read the mail"

At times though, they are incredibly useful.
When trying to find a reported "tree down", a truckie can save you a long trip in the wrong direction. They can also alert you to a hazard, or someone who may need help.

When there is torrential rain, slips everywhere, and a foul night, the truckies can help you work out which to tackle first, and warn all other trucks bearing down on you.
They often thank you too.
It makes up for the times when you hear their displeasure at being held up at road works....

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