Rest Area 300m: The Recovery begins ...

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Recovery begins ...

This is a very manly crane. It can lift 120 tonnes and has a humungerous reach.
I noticed the tare weight was 61 tonnes.

When you are recovering a truck, nothing happens till the cranes arrive.
You usually need two, to rotate the wreck onto it's wheels.

There are also support trucks and vehicles carrying counterweights, pads, chains and lifting paraphenalia.

Truckies know that when the cranes arrive the road will be closed, so the CB 's run hot as they try and beat the closure.

The pole in the background carries an 11kv power line, It runs up to the bluff in the background and is a long way off the ground.

The Driver, in white shirt, watches as the lift begins.

Up and over the power lines.

And back to road level

The next trick is to get it onto it's wheels.
In this case it will be rotated lengthways.

Each crane has an end each.

Then, alas, just as it was nearly on it's wheels the side burst.
Curtain-Sider trucks will do this.

So we know we are in for a clean up.

Now, also, you get an idea of how lucky the driver was to walk away from this crash.

Waiting in the wings is this sexy heavy tow truck.
I asked the driver what it can lift
"Most Things" he said

The trucks remaining load is secured till it can be off loaded a short distance away
and the truck is towed away.

As darkness falls, the last of the rubbish is cleared away.
The road has been liberally annointed with an absorbent mineral powder.
"Slippery" signs will be left up and a speed restriction set overnight.
Then it's hometime.....
A long hot day...

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