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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A New Broom Sweeps Clean ...

You don't know what a dust storm is like till you drive a broom tractor.
To drive one without a cab takes grit.
And you get plenty of it.

The first time I saw our noble pilot preparing himself for operation I was somewhat amazed.
Scarves, goggles, crash helmet, face masks were all donned as part of the pre-takeoff ritual.

I was sent to one end of a stretch of the Awakino Gorge to slow traffic.
Soon a billowing cloud of dust signalled his approach.
The sun darkened.
The cloud thickened, and went past.
A couple of feeble lights were all I could see.
Later a dirt encrusted, cursing, individual staggered out of it.

Today I went to Rotorua and picked up a new one.
It has a cab, air conditioning, and a radio.

So no more threats of physical violence and complaints of frostbite

Our noble pilot is champing at the bit...


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