Rest Area 300m: A Thousand and One Potholes ...

Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Thousand and One Potholes ...

A year ago now, while visiting a blog, I spotted the "Get Your Own Blog" button.

I clicked it.

Suddenly I had to come up with a name.
Rest Area 300m is the first road sign that popped into my head.

Then a reason for it's existence.
Well, I'm fascinated by other people's jobs, and I get pissed off with bitchy political blogs. Link blogging is too much work, and requires hours of surfing.

So I have invented "slack blogging".

Not for me the stress of being a Scheherezade.

I just post something if I feel like it, and then have a look the next day to see what it was ...

Male. Lives in New Zealand/North Island/The Road, speaks English. Eye color is blue.
This is my blogchalk:
New Zealand, North Island, The Road, English, Male.

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