Rest Area 300m: Crocodile Rocks.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Crocodile Rocks.

"Kamikaze crocs attacking cars"

I know I seem to be a bit fixated on human chewing animals.
But you lot mostly work in offices.

If you were toiling away on a road through a rain forest the thought would cross your mind now and then.

I wouldn't be a stop/go person in tiger country for any money.

It must be a bit disconcerting to find that one of the crew has gone missing.

Just imagine the number of incident reports you would have to fill in.

I like New Zealand. All I have to worry about are enraged Katipo spiders and they only live at the beach.

Now the Aussies have kamikaze crocodiles attacking cars.

I know even crocodiles deserve a life. Some people even adopt them.

But they have freaked me out ever since I saw Peter Pan the Xmas pantomime at an early age, and saw the damage they did to Captain Hook.

Mind you I wish one would scoff that nauseating crocodile hunter bloke on TV.

I would even shout it a hatchback for pudding.


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