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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hole In One

I was pondering the sliding share price the other day.

What I need apparently are links, lots of links.

Linkers to this magnificent site, will now be in a weekly draw for....

Your own, exclusive, antipodean pothole....

How cool would that be.

Yes, from now on, linked whanau shall have a crack at their own exclusively named pothole.

Your very own pothole, picked by independent daughter, shall be posted every week (or so)
photo updates, health, wholesome type road remedies, the whole 9 yards...

For those of you on senior net, or don't know what the fuck is going on here, just blogroll/bookmark me.
(Restarea 300m has a non-ageist, Home for the befuddled philosophy ...

The Inaugural Pothole, ( A Web First!) is the Sticker Hole.

The Bill Sticker Hole is located on the top of Mt Messenger, and lives where trucks pull over and brake heavily, It has a bit of world weariness about it.....

This could have been yours....

Male. Lives in New Zealand/North Island/The Road, speaks English. Eye color is blue.
This is my blogchalk:
New Zealand, North Island, The Road, English, Male.

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