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Friday, June 02, 2006

Pomp & Expectancy

"For Pavement Services, in the great pothole epidemic of 2005 ...Services to the Queens Highway etc. etc."

With the impending Queens birthday Honours list due to be announced soon, I may have to knock up a new letterhead.

Lord Fart has a nice ring to it

Earl Fart sounds a little too country & western

Baronet Fart could cause a problem,
("A man holding a British hereditary title of honor reserved for commoners, ranking immediately below the barons and above all orders of knighthood except the Garter")
... the abbreviation is Bart.

We have of course our own coat of arms.

" an Escocheon reversed, Sanguine: This is given to him that discourtously useth a Maid or Widow, against her Will; or flies from his Sovereign's Banner.

a Delse, Tenne: This is due to him that revoketh his Challenge, or eateth his Words.

a Point dexter parted: Given to a meer Braggadochio.

two Gussets, Sanguine. In Abatement there can be but one Gusset; and he that is given to Lust shall wear it on the right Side, a Drunkard on the left. "

I have also always fancied one of those three cornered hats with a huge feather on it. I'm not too keen on a garter.

I suppose I better also start thinking of a nice humble press release.

"This honour is shared with all my, most some of my fellow roadworkers"
This honour is all mine, but I would like to acknowledge mention in passing.....

Obviously this is going to take a fair bit of work to get the right amount of humbleness, I'll get back to you....

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