Rest Area 300m: Rock Picks

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Rock Picks

We have spent the day helping in a survey of the Awakino Tunnel.
Following yesterday's washing, the surveyors moved in and conducted a detailed examination and mapping of the rock in the tunnel and the area around it.

To do this we have to stop traffic for ten minutes or so at a time.
This creates some frustration and quite a lot of interest.

Everyone has an opinion on what should be done, the favourite being, ..." a heap of dynamite, because it wouldn't take much to shift that rock ...

It is a short tunnel, only about 50 metres, but they have no idea of what is above them, you can't really see from the road.

From over the river however, you can see what is involved.
There is a power of a lot of rock up there...

We will await a decision with interest.

Doddery's Odds

Drilling a 2 lane wider tunnel 40 to 1
Blasting a big cut 80 to 1
Bridging 30 to 1
"Too Hard Basket" Evens
"Too expensive, 'Later' " 11/5 On

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