Rest Area 300m: Purple Heart.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Purple Heart.

I'm beginning to wonder if my latest career move was a wise choice.

Lunches in the sun by a pretty stream are a distant memory.

It is cold, It is wet, & the winds are biting.

We are shorthanded.

The roads are soggy and waterlogged, potholes are breeding prolifically. Today I shovelled about 5 tonnes of premix into holes a cluster bomber pilot would be proud of.

Adding to our woe, traffic unable to travel down the centre of the island, is coming through our stretch, most of it heavy trucks.

Then of course there are the odd surprises. Like the rocks that I came upon, on Saturday. I managed to get one of them off the road with the truck & a chain. In fact I'm now a bit of an expert at this.

The cavalry arrived with a front end loader, just as another lot came down. Was I pleased to see them.

My truck is muddy and the cab full of damp moldering clothes and wet weather gear. It also bears it's first scar. Wriggling off the road to deal with a fallen tree, at some ungodly hour in the morning, I didn't see a branch sticking out. It gouged a piece out of a lower plastic door panel. Oh the shame...

The one bright spot, believe it or not, is the behaviour of the travelling public, who seem to driving a lot safer and saner than usual.

Long may it continue ...

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