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Monday, June 12, 2006

On Friday, I was given my own work chainsaw to carry in the truck.

I live on a stretch of the road that is prone to tree falls and branches flying about in storms.

Just as well.

I had to cut my way to work this morning and cut my way home again. When I arrived I even had one of my own trees down over the road.

It was cold & wet, windy and busy.

Apart from storm damage we also had a substantial diesel spill on Mt Messenger, again.

A weekend crash took out signs, sight rails, street light and bus shelter on a major intersection which we had to repair.

Nothing like digging post holes in a torrential downpour.

We have pretty good wet weather gear, but you still get soaked and covered in mud.

I have yet to find wet weather gear that can cope with physical work in heavy rain & keep you dry & warm.
I'd buy my own if I had too.

Better yet.
If there is a manufacturer out there that wants some "tested", I'm your man...

In fact, what's good enough for F1 drivers, should be good enough for roadworkers.

I could make a bomb flogging advertising space on my overalls.

"Acme Shovels" - "Proudly Prodding With Pete's Picks"

The mind boggles...

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