Rest Area 300m: Wot I Did On My Holidays... Day 3

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wot I Did On My Holidays... Day 3

I've been pottering.

It's a great thing to do.

I have looked at lots of jobs around Fart Towers, and even done a few of them.

The important ones, - putting new speakers in the car, pumping up the tyre on the wheelbarrow, and sitting on the motorbike.

Tomorrow I plan on looking at a few more.

It is very odd not seeing the truck sitting out there.

I hope the workshop are toiling away with due reverence.

I left them a long list of things...

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During high speed manoeuvring, the billiard table slides dangerously close to the fireplace, and the leather sofa.
My Van Gogh & Rembrandt paintings are also at risk from the poorly mounted Aquarium, which is also threatening my Persian rugs.

The Wine Cellar is running a tad hot, and the radar is affecting the satellite down link, which pisses off the cook in the galley as she cant watch her soap operas.

(Normally this wouldnt be a problem, but as Cindy Crawford keeps telling me, its hard to find a supermodel that can cook)

Oh & she needs a grease. The truck that is... Cindy is well serviced.

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