Rest Area 300m: Cone Of Silence

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cone Of Silence

Outside my gate there lives a traffic cone.
It's handy if you are guiding lost visitors.

It also is a subtle signal to the truckies and fire brigade that I am in residence.
A truck horn, or blip on a siren, and I can stumble out at some ungodly hour to deal with rocks on the road, or attend an accident.

It works surprisingly well.
My boss has called me out to find I am long gone.
I can always ring for the cavalry.

There is a risk of false alarms. The CB is handy here, a quick quizzing of any truckie and you know if there is a problem.

There is also a risk that the incident won't be reported officially, in which case neither the company or I get paid, though I can call something in myself.

If any of you Kiwi's out there do come across a slip, tree, accident, run away horse, or other road problem call the police.

It can take a while for action to happen as the alert works it's way through the system, but it does work.

So does my cone.

Today, day 1 of my holiday, I brought my cone inside the gate.

Well I had to do something to get off the couch ....

Besides, that makes it official.

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