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Friday, July 21, 2006


There has been a bit of Google activity searching this blog for any mention of the sole charge Mokau Policeman.
One of the searchers works for a Sunday paper.

I know why.

Any serious accident can cause dislocation, grief, undreamt of circumstances and life changing events.
The ripples of fate spread wide.

This story from the Daily News (link down) will give you some of the aftermath of the fatal accident a couple of weeks ago in Mokau.

"No one would utter a bad word against him.
Constable Jono Erwood was just plain Jono to Mokau residents, who yesterday described the suspended policeman as a "bloody good bloke".
News had already spread in the seaside town that Mr Erwood was allegedly drink-driving when he attended the double fatality car crash on Sunday.
Mokau's police station was closed and it was difficult to miss the two unmarked police cars which hovered in the town's main street yesterday.
Mr Erwood was at home with his two children, but refused to comment on his positive breath test that was taken at the scene of the crash."Sorry, I have taken legal advice and I can't say anything," he said.
However, residents had plenty to say about the constable who has lived among them for the past five years."He's a bloody good bloke who puts other people first. He puts anyone before himself, especially the community," said Awakino Hotel co-owner Margaret Bell.
Drink-driving was not tolerated among Mokau residents, Ms Bell said, and Jono was no exception. But, he was a well-liked member of the community who always put others first."I would prefer to have 1000 blokes like him looking after me and know that he's going to turn up . . . than have one guy who didn't give a stuff," she said.
Mokau farmer David Black was at the crash site and yesterday defended the sole-charge policeman."What was he supposed to do? He's first response, he's got the oxygen . . .he's not going to sit there twiddling his thumbs," Mr Black said. "He is immensely respected in this community and this community as a whole will support him."
Even the family of one of the dead drivers were in support of Mr Erwood.
Peter Ratima's brother Clint died in the crash and had been playing golf with Mr Erwood earlier in the day."I hope he doesn't get into any trouble because when it comes down to it,it's not his fault," Peter Ratima said.
Sunday's accident happened only metres from Seaview Holiday Park, at Mokau,and managers Bill and Jean Miles were at the crash scene minutes after it occurred."He was sitting in his car and he never came out to talk to me, and I thought that was strange," Mrs Miles said, recalling the events on Sunday evening.
Mr Erwood was the first policemen to arrive at the crash site and he wore his fluorescent police vest."The police are interviewing everyone. We were told there was a criminal investigation going on . . . now it all makes sense."
Mr Ratima's dog Heiny also died in the crash."

"Community rallies behind constable 12 July 2006 Taranaki Daily News"

There will be no happy ending to this story.

Errors of judgement have been made, but very human ones, from the best of all motives.

I hope the Sunday's don't crucify him and his family.

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