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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sign Language

A while back the fax machine spat out a works order...

"Please remove all non frangible signs at RP/ XX .... "

We all looked at each other in the office.

As the tech wizard that even has a web page, and of course, member of the Uruti Trivial Pursuit Champion team of 1995, I am supposed to know what "non frangible" means.

Naturally I stalled until I could have a chat with Google.

Fortunately in that case the Boss knew what it was all about, and we gleefully removed some police signs of the "Don't Speed" variety.

A frangible sign is designed to break on impact.

To replace a damaged sign of any size is a major job.

We need our all purpose crane ...

You also need a calm day. Even in a light wind they can become unmanageable.

It was a storm that broke this one.

The base is designed to break away in a vehicle impact.

You have to align everything perfectly to get it up and secured.

Job done ...

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