Rest Area 300m: It All Went Swimmingly ...

Saturday, August 19, 2006

It All Went Swimmingly ...

The 4x4 was dragged out of the river this morning.

Our top local digger operator and the Towie, (who has been doing a good trade recently) pulled it out after a diver hooked it up.

It seemed a bit odd to see the blue & white "diver down" flag by our river.

At about this stage the digger was having a bit of a problem keeping it's footing.

A digger in the river would cost a lot of boxes of beer (embarrassment tax)

So the tow line was hooked to the car and held it steady, and we used the winch on my truck to make sure the digger didn't have a swim.

The digger then pulled it out from a better position.

Easy Peasy ...

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