Rest Area 300m: Reflections

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


When I was last moving down to Taranaki, I towed down a few old caravans. (One of those night moves as they were not all that legal.)

I was paranoid that I might have a breakdown in the Awakino Gorge and not be able to get off the road.
Now I routinely pull off into impossible areas.
You have to.
You do risk clobbering the bank, sliding off the road, and falling into culverts. (All of which I have done at some time)

I'm always bitching about mirrors. You have to be able to see the off side of the truck, especially about the front. The convex type are useless, you have a good field of view, but judging distance is impossible.
The type I have on the truck at the moment are far better and judging distance is easy, but you cannot see the bottom half of the truck. Wriggling off the road can involve a lot of hopping about and peering about, a bit like a demented Meercat.

Mind you, I have had some of our town brethren in the truck when making routine stops along the road. They go very quiet as you dive into a tight spot. They are spoilt, white lines and everything...

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