Rest Area 300m: Heavy Rain Warning

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Heavy Rain Warning

Sunday. Sleep in....

Not a bloody chance.

About 5 am the phone goes, "slip on Mt Messenger" & by all accounts a good one.
It is reported as right across the road, a metre deep and both lanes blocked.

It is even on the national news as I hurtle south.

The crew has to load up the front end loader at the yard, so I actually pass the transporter on the way.

When I get there, there are a couple of wet exasperated policemen and a small slip.

By the time I have cut back the small trees that have come down with it the police decide that they have other things to do.

Like stay dry.

We cleared that, and I headed back north, to a report of rocks on the road near home.
A car had apparently had run into them.

On the way I found another slip.

We sorted that and I found my rocks and a nice motorist with a flat tire & no working jack or spare.

I would normally, if it was a work vehicle, do the party trick, and winch it up onto the back.

I'm not supposed to do this for the public.
( Insurance, Public Liability, What if .... etc.)

But I did.

I delivered him, plus car to the local garage to get sorted in the dry.

He even scored a cooked breakfast when I called in at home for dry clothes.

Mrs Fart believes that any crisis can be cooked through, and a big feed solves most problems.

It's now lunch time, and I have already been out again.

It's still raining.

I'll leave the wet weather gear to steam in front of the fire & try for a nap on the couch I think.

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