Rest Area 300m: NZ Man Drought & Welsh Black Breeders...

Saturday, July 29, 2006

NZ Man Drought & Welsh Black Breeders...

Tomorrow a mate of mine is getting married.

In his cow shed.

No it is not animal husbandry in action.

The blushing bride is all woman.

He seems to have put his foot down and said if he was going to get married, it would be in his cowshed.
So he is.

Best gumboots, though.

Cowsheds are obviously places that encourage lust, sex and depravity...

"A young woman's naked table-top dance in a cattle shed at the Royal Welsh Show has led to an official inquiry.

Witnesses said the woman was hosed down during the performance with water normally used to wash and feed the cattle.
One witness, who did not want to be named, said security guards rushed to the scene late on Tuesday, but had difficulty grabbing the woman because the water had made her skin slippery.
Another said the woman's thong, discarded during the act, was returned to her on the end of a pitch fork used to muck out the cattle lines.
She said most Welsh Black breeders had been "annoyed and upset".

We will be partying hard, in our Kiwi cowshed.

The Welsh have never beaten us in an after match function ...

I better take a pair of new rubber gloves.

That should sort out the "slippery skin" problem....

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