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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Damned If You Do - Damned If You Don't

As I was trundling merrily back home this afternoon, I came upon the local Mokau emergency services dealing with a fairly low key accident.

A car had left the road, shot down a bank, and come to a sudden stop against a bank.

The woman driving was shaken, and will have some bruises to show and have to explain to the insurance company why she left a straight stretch of road.

Thankfully it it was a "no drama" situation, and a chance to have a chat to the locals. The Towie, The Fire Brigade, The Cop, etc.

The Mokau emergency services are in the news at the moment. (No plea by officer charged with drink-driving)
They serve a big area, the terrain is rugged, things happen.

The population is small (300) but swells in summer.
The Fire Brigade is stretched for volunteers.

To be a cop in an area like this, you have to be a bit special.
Back up support is at least an hour away.
The logical place to stop a wanted car heading north, is at the Mokau river bridge.

You could get called out at 3 am to face down a P crazed loony, or a car load of gang members.

Accidents are common.

I have seen Jono call into the pub and drive people home rather than have to later bust them for drink driving.
("saves paper work")
I have also worked with him desperately to get a truckie breathing after a bee sting sent him into shock.

There are a few in the town who are anti-Jono.

There was recently a major squabble in the local fishing club, disciplinary meetings, bannings, and furious argument.

Good old small town drama

Jono is a leading light in the fishing club.

Tensions still simmer a bit, - nobody came out of it covered in glory.

So a few gleefully put the boot in.

It is instructive and depressing to see how the media deal with a story like this.

There are undercurrants and ripples that they wouldn't have a clue about.

Anyway, I wished Jono well today.

Suspended he may be, but
He was there, ... in his new uniform.

Good Coverage (Checkpoint Audio)

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