Rest Area 300m: You Asked For It...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

You Asked For It...

I knew I was tempting fate...

The phone goes about 7p.m. "Slip at Mangaotaki"

I trundle off into the dark, and this time am confronted with a big slip, complete with boulders bigger than cars. One of them has punched a big crater into the seal and is embedded in by nearly a metre.

The panic button is pressed.

The road is closed, diversions put in place using local back roads that are pretty dodgy, and machinery is rounded up from all over.

I have just staggered in, and have a blurry photo of a rock.

The road is now open, as work continues with heavier machinery, and a relief crew.

Amazing actually. When I first saw it I couldn't imagine we could get a lane open before dawn.

I'm away to my bed...

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