Rest Area 300m: Mobile Operations

Monday, August 21, 2006

Mobile Operations

Sometimes, you will pass a work truck or ute, parked up at the side of the road, the occupant watching you sail pass.

"Lazy sod", you think, "hiding from work "

You are being watched all right. In fact your presence is being passed on ahead by R/T.

We are doing a "mobile operation".

Small 5 minute jobs, where the loader can dive in and clear a small slip from a drain and get the water flowing again.

Putting up signs for a little job is a time wasting hassle, so we "do it mobile".

We have to be on our toes and concentrate on the traffic.

A pilot vehicle is positioned at either end of the job, and traffic reported on the R/T. The loader driver will then move in when the road is clear. He will keep to the left as much as possible, and pull over when traffic is coming.

Obviously trust and clear indications are important.

In the photo above, the loader is working after an "all clear". I am sitting on a bend, flashing lights going, and can see a good kilometre down a straight.

We also do this for sweeping operations with the broom tractor, even filling large potholes on a winding section of road.

If we are doing our job well you would never know something was going on....

But you do now .....

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