Rest Area 300m: Doing Porridge

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Doing Porridge

As a kid I ate my fair share of porridge.

I quite liked it, I still do.

I used to dig canals through it with my spoon and try and get the milk to flow through intricate channels and lakes.

This is good training for an aspiring Roadworker.

The "Wash behind your ears" message however, should have been; "Always keep your culverts clean" (The first commandment for a Roadworker.)

Little Johnny McAdam learnt his lesson well. "Always keep your culverts clean and your drains flowing, Johnny, and you will save a good road".

The bit of road we are working on at the moment is fine. The drainage however is a disgrace and we haven't been able to clear debris for months.

This is not of our doing, but them up there.

They probably ate corn flakes.

As we cleaned the drain here, we had the satisfaction of watching water flow out from under the road, and head off to the Tasman Sea.

Truly we are saviours, and It's much better than mucking about with porridge...

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