Rest Area 300m: Wet Weekends

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Wet Weekends

These sorts of accidents are a bloody nuisance.

The 4x4 was heading uphill, put a wheel in the ditch and over it went, facing back from whence it came.
The driver was OK, but not present.

We can put cones around it, (It's not quite on the road) and some signs up and head home to the fire, but the phone will go constantly at the local police station, and there is still the problem of recovery and the consequent oil, diesel, mud on the road.

Also people will keep on stopping, even with traffic cones surrounding the scene.
This can cause chaos

Accidents breed accidents.

The upshot is that I get wet waiting for the cop.

Then we both get wet waiting for the Towie.

Then we all get wetter recovering it.

And all the while my full coffee thermos still sits, forgotten, on the kitchen table ...

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