Rest Area 300m: I was going to dress up too...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I was going to dress up too...

"Finalists announced for Roading Excellence Awards"

Damn !

Not a mention.

I would have thought that pothole 47787 would be a sitter.

"a beautifully repaired hole, exemplifying the true art of the road worker, this difficult and demanding pothole was transformed by the exemplary skill and expertise etc etc..."

This is too much.

And they are having a big flash feed...

"Winners will be announced on Monday 28 August at a gala dinner at the Duxton Hotel in Wellington, with Minister of Transport, Hon. Annette King in attendance."

No Invite for Doddery ...

While smug townies get lots

Actually I'm not too sure what a Gala Dinner is, maybe they have donkey rides after.

Anyway, they can stick it ...

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