Rest Area 300m: Rocks ...

Friday, August 25, 2006

Rocks ...

One of my top European correspondents sent me these photo's of a rock fall.

The activity in front of the fire engine looks serious to my eyes.

I googled the sign, did a bit of detective work and found this in the archives of the Tapei Times
Rock slide kills two
A rock slide hit several vehicles on a major north-south highway through the Swiss Alps early on Wednesday, killing two people, police said. The highway was blocked on the northern approach to the St. Gotthard tunnel, a major route linking northern Europe with Italy, state police said in a statement. About 60m3 of rock fell on the highway near the town of Gurtnellen, hitting a German-registered car traveling south and two goods trucks which were parked in a rest area on the northbound side, police spokesman Herbert Planzer said. The car's occupants -- a married couple from near Pforzheim in southwest Germany -- were killed. The two truck drivers survived the rock fall, although rocks tipped one of the vehicles over.

Meanwhile we have been working in a cutting.

No big rocks thank goodness but it looks a bit dodgy up there ...

Thanks Ersatz


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