Rest Area 300m: By Gum

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

By Gum

So I was happily filling pothole No 47741 when a truck growled to a stop.
"Tree down bud", - so away I went.

It was a big gum tree. It had fallen across a farm gateway, the head on the road.
I arrived just as the R/T started to go ballistic.

It had missed a roller we had parked up by a few feet (that yellow thing there)
and demolished a couple of fences

The firewood potential is vast.
The farmer had to get a digger and a very manly chainsaw, while we cleared away the road.

Of course all the good firewood ended up inside the gate...

The farmer said, "You must be starting to get sick of this hill ..."

You can just make out the scar on the edge of the bush where the big rockfall came down a couple of weeks ago.

Also the overhanging tree, which I had thought would be the culprit.

It's probably saving itself for a cold rainy night....

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