Rest Area 300m: Ladies Mile ... Day 1

Monday, August 28, 2006

Ladies Mile ... Day 1

The shiny new fluro vest, and the alert stance can only mean one thing.

We have a new crew member, fresh out of lollypop school.

To direct and control traffic you must hold a basic Traffic Controllers ticket.

It looks an easy job, and if the traffic is light and it's a nice day it can be quite pleasant.

It can also be cold, tiring, and mind numbingly boring.

It is also important. She is protecting our arses.

We are insured on the job, I could collect a hundred grand.

I 'm not keen though because you have to be dead.

Women are especially good on the stop/go, in my experience anyway.

An impatient late truck driver will happily wait for them, but snarl at me.

Funny That ...

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