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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Job Destruction...

There is a time honoured tradition, that having finished your brand new piece of road, someone comes along and digs it up again.

Water, telephone & other services, send along a separate crew, each of whom dig madly away.

This creates lots of work for everybody, even the bean counters.

There are arguments about responsibility and cost, & of course it leaves a patchwork mess.

The same piece of road can be reinstated a zillion times.

This also helps our global, "Congest The Traffic Scheme"

We are letting the side down badly, I fear.

This stretch of road through Mokau has us working down one side, and a new water main being laid on the other.

The shoulders will be filled, and a new road surface constructed on top of the old one.

It makes the work site a bit crowded, but at least we can watch each other.

Fancy doing everything at once !

The efficiency.

The horror !

Hope nobody finds out

I'll never get a ticket to the Roadworker's Ball ....

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