Rest Area 300m: Worm Fodder

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Worm Fodder

The CB started to chatter as I neared work this morning.
The truckies were talking about an accident.

My spirits rose, a change from the daily pot hole feeding.

Then I heard it was a truck carting to the local "worm farm."

Some of these trucks cart foul & evil smelling bits of dead chickens and stuff.

My foot lifted a bit off the gas.

Cleaning up after previous accidents have become legendary topics.

Roadworkers heaving and gagging as they raked up putrid chicken carcasses. clothing that has become so rank you have to throw it away afterwards...

I decided to have two pies for breakfast while I could still get them down.

Over the road from the shop they were loading up the damaged truck.

It didn't look too bad.

When I arrived at the scene the remains of the trailer were only good for scrap.

Happily though the load was mulch for composting.

Sweet smelling and not unpleasant.

The digger soon got rid of the remains.

The pies stayed put ...


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