Rest Area 300m: Tangiwai

Monday, February 05, 2007


I have been on a bit of a jaunt.

Down to Wellington and back.

This gives me a chance to get all excited when I see a foreign "road works" sign, and leer at diggers and things.

I had a look at the Tangiwai road bridge.

It is only a matter of time before we have another Lahar, that caused the Tangiwai Disaster back in 1953.

I was a mere stripling then, but I remember the horror of it all vividly.

I was impressed at the preparations that have been made.

Those bridge piers have been massively reinforced.

I also notice that there is earth moving machinery kept handy.

There are all manner of warning signs, and remotely controlled gates.

"In 2003, the Eastern Ruapehu Lahar Alarm and Warning System (Erlaws) was installed, consisting of three separate sensors at the Crater Lake, the NZ Alpine Hut and near the Tukino Skifield.

Erlaws will automatically warn road users of the lahar. Flashing lights and signs will activate on SH1 and SH49 and barrier arms will close the road bridge at Tangiwai.

Data from this system will also trigger an automatic alarm via a paging system. Messages will be sent to police, district and regional council staff, Transit, Toll Rail and scientists."

Looks Good...

Hope It Works ...

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