Rest Area 300m: Where There Is Smoke ...

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Where There Is Smoke ...

As I gently trundled south this morning on my weekly rubbish run around the rest areas, I stopped to take a photo of a top dressing plane working inland from Mahoenui.

It made quite a sight from the top of the Mahoenui Hill.

I had already chased some bulls back into a paddock who were causing chaos in a road cutting, but the day then settled into routine.

On the way back north an ambulance screamed past.

The Mokau Fire Station was empty as I went through town

I feared the worst, it is unusual for emergency services to be sent from south of Mokau this far north.

A rescue helicopter went by overhead.

Police cars seemed to be everywhere.

I had visions of a bus crash, or other major disaster.

Maybe the bulls had got out again and a tour bus had hurtled off the road ...

I passed the Mokau engine parked up at the side of the road, and from the body language and cheery waves relaxed somewhat.

Other emergency services passed me heading home.

Very puzzling.

Until I saw this

"A topdressing plane sparked a police and helicopter call-out today after reports a light plane had crashed in Taranaki this morning.

Senior Sergeant Selwyn Wansbrough told NZPA a motorist saw a light plane disappear over a hill near Mahanui, about 70km north-east of Waitara, followed by what they believed to be a cloud of smoke.

Police and an Air Rescue Centre helicopter were deployed but found no sign of a crash.

Mr Wansbrough said it was believed the motorist saw a topdressing plane working in the area but, being unfamiliar with such things, had thought the fertiliser it was dropping was smoke."

Apart from the spelling mistake, and the fact that this area is in the Waikato, it had to be my plane...

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