Rest Area 300m: Bad Day At Jesus Rock

Monday, January 29, 2007

Bad Day At Jesus Rock

slightly stressed, blurry photo.
It's a long weekend in the north of the island.

Auckland Anniversary Weekend.

This means that the townies can hurtle south to various playspots, demolishing fences and rolling into ditches along the way.

It kicked off to a fine start when the phone went at some ungodly hour early Sunday morning.

A loaded furniture truck had rolled off the road south of Piopio.

It scattered it's load at a local landmark, "The Jesus Rock"

In the drizzly night it took hours to salvage everything.

There were three in the cab of the truck, unbelievably there was only one briefly hospitalised.

It was late afternoon before the truck was finally hauled away.

This morning a car demolished our letter box.
And ...
They all have to go home yet ...

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