Rest Area 300m: A Night Out

Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Night Out

In the very early hours of this morning, a truck dumped 300 litres of diesel on this corner.

I arrived very soon after it happened.

Another truck from the same company had stationed himself at the top of the hill and was warning truckies on his CB radio.

They were picking their way rather gingerly down the hill.

The truck had hit a piece of broken spring, which had flicked up and ruptured his fuel and hydraulic tanks.

The result was a skating rink.

We use a white granular powder, "mineral sponge", to soak up the worst, after putting out warning signs.

We have spread sand on the road, and put up a speed restriction.

The sand will give grip and help absorb the diesel.

It was a long night.


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