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Friday, February 09, 2007


Things always happen on Friday afternoons.

Just as the couch or the pub beckons, some truck will fall over, or get jammed in a tunnel.

This afternoon it was a tailgate opening and a thick spread of metal outside the local garage.

By hijacking the passing Sealing Crew's broom tractor all was soon fixed.

Sometimes it's not that easy.

Years ago I was big in the Pea Trade.
Well the harvesting thereof...

One night a truck heading toward the factory, spread a swathe of shelled fresh peas through a residential street in a small North Island Town.

A 3 inch layer of fresh peas has a slipperiness factor right up there with bubblebath liquid and barely set jelly.

The panicking driver showing great initiative, but little brain, got the factory to send out an air compressor to blow the peas off the road.

His mate rang the fire brigade, figuring that water would be the answer.

So, 3 am, a dirty great unmuffled broomwade compressor roars into life.
Followed a split second later by the howl of the town fire siren.

The town lights up.

Soon every police car in the lower North Island is screaming toward the din.
Plus, of course, the fire engine.

It was about this time I left the scene, having a pressing engagement elsewhere.

In fact I was never there....

I did pass a lot of Noise Control Officers, Council PooBa's and various Officials heading scenewards
I later heard that the truck driver too managed to slink away into the night.

In fact the more drama, the easier it is to slip away.

Not much drama today...

Mr Pennington, one of your drivers owes us at least one box of beer...

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