Rest Area 300m: The Science Of Jam

Friday, February 16, 2007

The Science Of Jam

I have spent the last couple of days on the State Highway 3 - "Congest The Traffic Scheme"

I have been carting holes around.

Well the insides of holes.

Then we fill up the original holes with the insides of other holes.

It's all terribly scientific. Road Work is...

I bet you didn't even know that a traffic jam is fungal...

"This image shows nutrient flow in a fungus. The yellow represents carbon, the red nitrogen, and the blue phosphorus. The fungus ingests nutrients from its periphery to its center and distributes the nutrients from its center to its outer parts, creating a bottleneck at the center."

Not only are they fungal, slimy, can fly, and rot your body, but they are computerized as well.

I'd explain all this, but as the man says,

" Real-world networks are too complicated to describe exactly mathematically."

So you will have to read it yourself.

But basically you can beat a traffic jam by driving around it...

Just be careful you don't skid in the slime, or get cancer.

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