Rest Area 300m: It Was A Dark & Soggy Night ...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

It Was A Dark & Soggy Night ...

Who's been a busy boy then ....

This truck carrying a 12 metre long container of scrap fell over about 200 metres beyond the scene of a furniture truck's misadventure a while back.

The driver, wearing a seatbelt was unscathed. Had he not, he would probably have ended up in the passengers side footwell and would have suffered for it.

But what a mess!

The salvage truck winched the container and trailer off the road.
Then the heavens opened and it was a dark and soggy night.

It rained so hard it was pointless trying to take photographs.

Since then a couple of guys have been refilling the container with a small Hiab.

The one with the latest in safety footwear is talking to the driver of the Side-lifter which will take it away.

It was good to see it go ...

Throw in a hell of a storm ... (later!)
and it has been a busy time out there...

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