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Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Night Out

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So Friday is looking good.

In time honoured Kiwi tradition we try and rip through our work so we can knock off early.

I planned to visit the fleshpots of Piopio, there to sup ale.

The driver of this truck put paid to that idea...

An hour after I arrived home I was off again, to Awakino.

The container truck had come to grief near Pay Cart Corner.

(In the old days the roadworkers from miles around, met the paymaster here, and got their brown paper pay envelopes. The pub is handy too ...)

Once again the cranes took up most of the road, which we had to close for 1/2 hour periods, while we lifted the various sections of the truck and load out of the way.

There are no detours around this area, we just have to try and get a lane cleared as fast as we safely can.

At night the scene cane be quite surreal, and very difficult to photograph as you can see.

The driver was shaken (& stirred) but is OK.

The local pub sent out some fish and chips, (and delicious they were too) ... so at least I had a chance to dine out.

Not quite what I planned though ...

News Story (short term link)
(Note this spot is a long way from the Awakino Gorge!)

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