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Monday, September 25, 2006

With Knobs On ...

Pissed off at the unreliable radio CD player in my truck, I have bought my own.

I wanted something that would play MP3s.

Being Scroogish, I got one from Trade Me. It's the genuine article but the instructions are in Chinese.

No worries, you download and print off an English handbook off the Net.

I am up to page 30 so far and we are still on "Audio Adjustments".

"Fine Adjusting Equaliser Curve"
You can adjust the centre frequency and the Q factor (curve characteristics) of each currently selected curve band (EQ-L-/EQ-M/EQ-H)
Blah Blah...

Why does technology have to be so bloody complicated ?

I want a knob (on/off louder)
A tuner knob.
Maybe a button or two.

But no, you have to shift modes, Scan fine and rough, and pre-setting radio stations is up there with flying the space shuttle.

When the revolution comes, knobs are going to be compulsory...

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