Rest Area 300m: Kamikaze Alley

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Kamikaze Alley

 A couple of weeks ago a car demolished our letter box.

It's not one of your Townie things that you can't fit a box of beer in, it's a Country one that you almost live in.
The gate is also under constant attack from kamikaze drivers.
 This afternoon one lead footed gentleman attacked my truck as I was arriving home from heroically clearing the Queens Highway from rocks and debris.

He almost beat me to my couch

He lost.

I must admit that this time I was torn between administering first aid and punching his lights out.

I rang the emergency services through gritted teeth, - needless to say they knew where to go.

Now my beautiful chainsaw locker is all bent up.

I think I might start carrying a baseball bat...

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