Rest Area 300m: "Fire Brigade Please"

Saturday, April 28, 2007

"Fire Brigade Please"

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I'm heading home, and a 4x4 is parked at the side of the road, smoking gently.

As I trundle past, I realise that this is more than an overheating problem, but a fire.

I don't carry a fire extinguisher, so I sacrifice a thermos of coffee, then help the homeward bound fisherman to unload his gear and unhitch his boat. (Note coffee stains)

By the time I get my camera, the 4x4 is well alight.

It is diesel, and so the risk of explosion is small, though the front tire explodes with a very loud bang.

Oblivious, to the unfolding drama, a traffic controller sticks staunchly to her lollypop in the background.

The fire brigade deal with it in short order,

and as more flashing lights arrive, and the heavens open, I slide off home...

For a coffee ...

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